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Our Special Teams Defense is Kinda Special

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Turkey et cetera in less than 48 hours. Hooray! Before you get all hopped up on tryptophan, I found a little tidbit y'all should take note of.

Some Falcoholics have lamented what they consider poor special teams play this year. But hold your figurative horses, because Schillinger and Dent have quietly performed quite well.

Per Football Outsiders:


These are special teams plays that stop a return before it reaches the point that our baselines consider "average."

10: A.Jordan (PHI)
9: L.Alexander (WAS)
8: C.Anderson (PHI), T.Campbell (TEN), C.Peerman (CIN), S.Schillinger (ATL), C.Steltz (CHI)
7: N.Bellore (NYJ), R.Cartwright (OAK), A.Dent (ATL), B.Hughes (PHI), R.Martin (BUF), C.McIntyre (BUF), T.Sash (NYG), E.Sims (STL)

Not too shabby, especially for two guys making at or around the league minimum. Dent has stepped it up in recent weeks and Schillinger has recovered nicely after off-season knee surgery. All in all, I'm pleased, and that should count for something darnit!

Discuss if you wish.