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The Five Best Falcons Defensive Plays Of Week 11

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We're debuting a new sponsored feature this week that delves into the five best defensive plays of the week. Without further ado, here they are.

Dunta Robinson Makes A Pick

With a little over six minutes left in the first quarter, the Falcons generate huge pressure up front by collapsing the pocket. Matt Hasselbeck makes a hurried throw to Lavelle Hawkins which Dunta Robinson managed to pick off. After the play was challenged by Tennessee, officials found that Robinson somehow maintained control of the ball even as he rolled over.

I'd have to think Dunta's play is the favorite.

Jonathan Babineaux Crushes Chris Johnson

Earlier in the same drive, Babineaux came through the middle more or less untouched and destroyed Chris Johnson. The play resulted in a four yard loss, the worst setback in a very bad day for CJ.

Babs quietly had a great game all the way around, frequently collapsing the pocket. Give him props.

Curtis Lofton Drops Jared Cook

Matt Hasselbeck's best attempt to find Cook went horribly awry when Curtis Lofton got ahold of the burly tight end. Man, that sounds way too much like the start of a romance novel.

Lofton took care of Cook, driving him back and ensuring the Titans were on the hook for negative four yards. It was the kind of heads-up play you expect from Lofton, especially when compared to his roughing the passer penalty later in the game.

Brent Grimes Shuts Down Damian Williams

With just 12 seconds left in the first half, Matt Hasselbeck was looking for a touchdown pass to Damian Williams, who had just snagged a 16 yard pass.

Thanks to tight coverage from Brent Grimes, a potential touchdown was averted and the Titans were held to three points. It was the kind of thing we love to see from Grimey.

John Abraham Sacks Jake Locker

The sole sack of the game for either team with just 5:10 left in the game. Jake Locker was in for an injured Matt Hasselbeck and guiding the team toward an eventual touchdown. Abe slowed down that process by blowing by his man and dropping Locker for a loss of seven.

If you'd be so kind as to vote for the one you think was best, I would be much obliged.