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Report: Adrian Peterson To Miss Falcons Game

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This is still developing, but it appears that Adrian Peterson will miss his Week 12 game against the Atlanta Falcons.

You hate to see anyone go down with an injury, especially a player as dynamic as Peterson. He's arguably the best running back in the NFL and an integral piece of the Vikings' offense. Losing him hurts them badly.

The Falcons caught a huge break here and now get to take their extremely talented run defense up against Toby Gerhart. For those who don't know who he is, Gerhart is a bruising type who has had limited success when he's been fed carries thus far in his young NFL career. On paper, he's not much of a threat to bust through the Falcons run D.

With this, the Vikings passing game becomes a focal point. They'll be plenty dangerous to the Falcons thanks to Percy Harvin, who is incredibly dynamic when given the chance to get significant snaps, and solid options like Familiar Michael Jenkins (TM). If the secondary steps up, the Falcons should be in good shape.

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