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Falcons TWESOTE of the Day: Will Svitek WILL Take Sam Baker's Job

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It may not be the logical conclusion. It may not be the popular opinion. Dave may be a phlegm-spewing space alien. But gosh darnit - I'm telling y'all - Baker will lose his job. I know I've espoused an entirely different viewpoint on occasion. And I know you're thinking, "Oh come on ... this crazy, iPhone-toting, Sex in the City-watching, smelly-faced ninnymuggins again?!?!"

To be honest, I wanted to believe in Baker. He's a run-blocking machine, an absolute beast whilst we pound the rock. Or is he? I know that's his reputation. I'm not so sure though.

Let's examine the facts:

(1) His contract expires in 2012; he's due $1,012,000 this year and $1,951,250 next year. You read that right, he's due for a substantial raise next year.

(2) Our Left Tackle Adjusted Line Yards ranks 19th this year.

(3) Our Left Tackle Adjusted Line Yards rank in 2010 was 17th.

(4) Our Left Tackle Adjusted Line Yards rank in 2009 was 21st.

(5) Our Left Tackle Adjusted Line Yards rank in 2008 was 6th.

Three caveats:

(1) ALR isn't a crystal ball. Our Left Tackle ALR is not 100 percent attributable to the LT. And let's be honest, it's an advanced stat, so there must be something wrong with it!

(2) Baker has missed many games during his short career. Thus those ALRs don't necessarily paint the complete picture.

(3) Svitek almost broke Matty's ankle. For shame!

So what say you Falcoholics? Is Baker on his way out the door? Is Svitek the next Clabo? Discuss!