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Wednesday Injury Report: Baker Out, Old Players Out

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Big thanks to Jason for alerting us that Baker will not be present for the next month or so.

Compared to the Colts, the Falcons are totally healthy. The Colts have a ton of players on their injury report, but we'll get to that in a moment. 

After the jump, specific Falcon injuries and a link to the injury report itself!

Here's the injury report.


Abe and McClure: Both did not practice today, and both were not injury related. It's safe to assume that Smitty is just holding them out to keep them fresh since they're old. But they're important!

Baker (Back): Baker did not practice, and Baker will not be here for the next month. If Svitek continues to play well, then woe is us.

Gonzalez (Back): Gonzo didn't practice as well, but I'm sure he'll be ready to go on Sunday. You'd have to cart him off the field to prevent him from playing. I'm sure Smitty is holding him out due to age as well.

Julio Jones (Hamstring): Julio was limited in practice. Evidently, he was running routes and looking pretty good, but I'm sure the coaching staff is easing him back into the fray. Glad to see him out there again.

Chris Owens (Concussion): Owens was a full participant at practice today, and I imagine we'll see him in some capacity on the field on Sunday. Glad he's recovered from the concussion. Those are always ugly.

That's it for us this week. The Colts have more than twice the people on their list in varying participation levels. Not sure what else Dave puts on these but if anything concerns you, you're welcome to talk about it here.