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Saturday Six Pack: Local Battle Edition 11/19/11

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If the Falcons game is bad this weekend, I may have to invest in these.
If the Falcons game is bad this weekend, I may have to invest in these.

Important game coming up this weekend, as the Titans come to visit the Dome. The Titans have been somewhat of an enigmatic team this year, much like us. Hopefully we'll pull out a win this weekend. Not too much more to say about it, so let's get rolling.

AJC: DOL has interview with Ian Eagle, the man who will be calling the play-by-play for CBS this weekend. It's somewhat of an interesting read because he's supposed to be unbiased and offers a different take from what a lot of us Falcons fans think. Second, the Falcons OL is campaigning for McClure to go to the Pro Bowl. Pretty cool to the the whole OL come together to try to get their vet to the pro bowl for the first time.

The National: Mike Smith refuses to dwell on the failed 4th down attempt from last week. I love Smitty's attitude here. He's confident. He understands that sometimes things don't go the way we want. And we move forward from it. Gooray Falcons.


Washington Post: New Falcons DE Ray Edwards feels like he's letting the team down. I've seen him get some pretty good rushes off the end, we're just not getting any sacks this year. Looks to me like his knee isn't 100% yet, which isn't good, but at least he's showing that he wants to be better.

Fox Sports: John Manasso of Fox Sports thinks that Chris Johnson could run all over us. The same Chris Johnson who is having a rough season. The same Falcons D who's pretty good at stopping the run. We certainly need to make sure that we keep CJ in check or it could be a long Sunday.

SBN Atlanta: Our own Alexander Shirkey asks whether Julio's injuries are a product of bad luck or a product of us trading up. That's an interesting question because there are times when I feel like the city is cursed, but the expectations for Julio are most likely much higher here than if he had ended up with the Browns. But, who knows.

Random Funny: Really, if you want a random funny, make your own facebook page, add about 500 friends from high school/college/and some random people you don't know, and watch the hilarity ensure. So much stupidity is posted on Facebook, it's comical. In any case, here is an amusing trespass sign.