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Falcons Friday Injury Report: William Moore Is Out

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I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that the Falcons are pretty healthy heading into their game against the Titans, with only two questionables and one player out in a sea of probables. Out of those two questionables, Sam Baker, at least, seems likely to play if all goes well in the next two days. Whether he'll get his job back from Will Svitek remains to be seen.

Now the bad news. The headline here is that William Moore is going to miss his second straight game, leaving James Sanders in the starting job again. This isn't a knock on Sanders, but the physicality and ball hawking skills Moore brings to the table are always welcome. I hope he's back in it soon.

Also, it appears blindingly obvious that Julio Jones isn't going to play, despite the questionable tag. He hasn't practiced at all during the week, Mike Smith has made some noises about the team being conservative with him and Harry Douglas just had a big game. You'll probably see JJ on the bench come Sunday.

What do you think of the injury report?