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Falcons Wednesday Injury Report: Julio Jones Not Practicing

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At this point, I have no idea what "not injury related" actually means.

I say that because John Abraham, Tony Gonzalez and Todd McClure are both not practicing for those reasons. Is John Abraham suffering from a personal trauma? Is Tony Gonzalez immersed in a bath of minerals and vegetables for the next week? Is Todd McClure fighting hand-to-hand with ninjas from the Orient as we speak? Is it just an excuse to rest guys who are getting older but don't actually have any injuries? I dunno.

The more relevant news is that William Moore and Julio Jones did not practice for reasons very much related to injury. Moore's dealing with a quad injury that kept him out of the Saints game, and it's anybody's guess whether he'll be ready to go come the Titans game. If he's not, James Sanders would once again start for him.

Jones is the lingering concern here. His hamstring issues have been well-publicized and have limited his availability all year. The fact that he's not practicing after being held out of most of the Saints game tells me he's going to be questionable at best for the Titans. Harry Douglas will get another chance to have a huge game if my hunch is correct.

In other news, Sam Baker engaged in a limited practice for the first time in a while. Whether he returns versus the Titans or not is an open-ended question, but he'll likely take his starting job back as soon as he's ready. Will Svitek has played well in relief, but I don't think he's blown the coaching staff away to the point where he's going to take over the former first rounder's gig.

He's joined on the limited practice list by Brent Grimes, Harry Douglas, Jason Snelling and more. It's one of those weeks.

What say you?