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Mini Coupe Power Play Of The Week: Jason Snelling Bulls Ahead

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The Falcons were going nowhere on offense.

Up until this magical play that we're about to discuss, the Falcons had been totally useless on offense. They capped a pair of nice drives with field goals, and it appeared they were going to stall out near the red zone again. Such is the life of the Falcons under Mike Mularkey.

But wait! Here's Matt Ryan dropping back to pass, feeling pressure and finding Jason Snelling open over the middle. Big Snell has been an underutilized part of the offense this year, largely due to Micheal Turner's huge season and the emergence of rookie Jacquizz Rodgers. On this play, though, the sure-handed power back had a chance to make a play.

What followed was pure, delightful destruction. Snelling ran forcefully for a few yards before two Saints defenders caught up with them. He powered through them, knocking them both to the ground. The next guy hit him hard, but he spun away. Four more defenders made at least incidental contact with him before he crossed the plane, meaning Big Snell put down about seven Saints by running hard, spinning, shrugging and diving.

It was one of the best plays of the year in my book, a virtuoso performance in mere seconds. It also gave the Falcons a temporary lead. While Snelling may not be the weapon he once was thanks to additions on offense, he showed why he's still an important piece of this team on Sunday.

Do you agree with this choice for the play of the game?