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Are the Playoffs Still Within Reason?

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Playoffs? Don't talk about the playoffs!
Playoffs? Don't talk about the playoffs!

Quick discussion post for you all this evening. We're currently Team #8 in a 6 team playoff race, sitting at a somewhat comfy 5-4. Green Bay and San Fran have #1 and #2 locked up, I'd say. SF pretty much has their division won already, with 2nd place having 3 wins. If SF blows this (They won't.), I'll eat crow.

We have more conference losses than anyone above .500 in the NFC. That's not so good. Dallas has us beaten in tiebreakers, as per, and we know Chicago does as well. Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans have 3 losses. The NFCE and, to a lesser extent, the NFCS, are still up for grabs. Barring a meltdown, GB and SF have their divisions pretty much won.

Our schedule gets softer as time goes on, but the question for you all today is if you think we will still make the playoffs this season. We have a lot of issues, yes, but I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter.

Oh, and if the playoffs started today, the Houston Texans would be the AFC's #1 seed. How ridiculous is that?