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Saturday Six Pack: Division Lead Edition

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According to Kashberry, I am an Ape Man Falcons Fan who drinks fictitious Matty Ice Beer. My life is the best.
According to Kashberry, I am an Ape Man Falcons Fan who drinks fictitious Matty Ice Beer. My life is the best.

Shameless plug here. I'm hosting my friend's sports talk show at my school's radio station tomorrow from 11 am to 2 pm. If you'd like to hear me talk about various sports and issues in sports at any point during the 3 hours, you can listen to me at Naturally, I'll have to talk up the Falcons a little bit. 

In any case, your news fix.

AJC: DOL leads us off with a couple of goodies this week. First, a Q&A with tight end Reggie Kelly. Nice to see him back in the ATL. Second, Jessie Tuggle was invited to the D-block show. D-block is a show that is hosted by Mo Pete and usually consists of the linebackers of the team plus Special Weems, who plays his tail off on special teams. I'd actually never heard of D-block until just now, and evidently it's on the team's website. I'll have to check that out.

ESPN: My opinion of ESPN went straight to the dumps with the way they handled the Joe Paterno situation. That's for another time. However, Pat Yasinskas is still real and he provides us with his belief that Saints-Falcons is the NFC South's best rivalry. I have to agree with him. The Saints and Falcons have been perennial contenders for the past few years, and it's obvious that we don't like each other. It's not to the level of Ravens-Steelers yet, but it's still a fierce one.


Washington Post: Here is a read about the Falcons being patient this weekend due to the Saints' acquisition of Darren Sproles, along with the fact that Brees is somewhat of a mobile QB. Hopefully we'll go through what this says and be fundamentally sound this weekend.

E! Online: Now you might be asking, "PikaCal, what in the heck does E! have to do with anything football related?" Well, for the most part, it doesn't. Except that Our favorite Biermann was married this week! Hooray, marriage. Or in some cases, boo marriage. Woo!

The Weekly Online: Something a little different here. The Falcons, Publix, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank hosted a food drive for the month of October. Here is a quick article about it, but props to the Falcons for being a part of a food drive. Always great to see the team involved with the community.

Random Funny: One of the best plans I've ever seen. I saw this picture on facebook and thought I'd share it with you all. Don't worry, you don't need a facebook to see it. I found it on google.