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Injury-Proof Franchise? They're Gonna Try ...

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JJ: "Damn I look good on the megatron!" 
Random Trainer: "You're so dreamy ..."
JJ: "Damn I look good on the megatron!" Random Trainer: "You're so dreamy ..."

Knock on wood, we've avoided the infamous injury bug for the most part this year. Most fans see luck as the primary impetus underlying that accomplishment. But truth be told, the Falcons aren't taking a Vegasesque approach, not when it comes to the health of their players:

To prevent injuries in the first place, [Head Athletic Trainer Marty] Lauzon says his athletic trainers screen players to assess quality of movement.

"Through this screen, we try to identify if the player has any dysfunctions," says Lauzon. "Then we try to ensure that players move at an optimal level. That takes quite a bit of work on our part, but the results [in the players] speak for themselves."

The NFL never fails to amaze me. They have a screening process? Not sure what your thoughts on that are. But I'm impressed. And if that doesn't impress you, then consider this gem:

"The most important thing is that we make the best decision for the player."

Now I'm not as naive as I may seem. I know the latter quote isn't a categorical rule or anything. I'm sure players play when they're less-less-100-percent. Regardless, it does seem like the Falcons brass has decided to - at the very least - try to do things the right way, or at least seem like they are. Will they come up short? Sure. Gotta start somewhere though.