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Several Falcons Creeping Towards Record Books

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#2 Matt Ryan, Falcons all-time leader in Awesome
#2 Matt Ryan, Falcons all-time leader in Awesome

A few months ago, I talked about how several Falcons were on the verge of holding several team records, which served as a note to show just how high the turnover rate has been with the Falcons in the past, and how much of a miraculous transformation the '08 regime brought to us.

I'm a big fan of records being broken. It's fun to see people push the envelope over time.

Based on this AJC article, Turner has a chance to break some records this weekend. He's still got a ways to go in the yardage category, but he only needs two touchdowns to tie Gerald Riggs for most by an RB in franchise history. I think it's safe to say he'll break the record during our home stretch. One thing that really got me is that Turner has scored the second most points (not counting kickers) since 2008. That's pretty darn impressive.

Matty Ice still has a ways to go in everything, but he's halfway to Bart's yardage total after just 3.5 seasons. He's one touchdown past halfway to Bart's TD record and he has 100 less interceptions than Bart does. Err....98. Close enough. He'll be the Falcons record holder in everything by the time he's done, hopefully, and that includes Super Bowl wins.

Next, receivers! Roddy is #2 all time in yardage, behind only Terance Mathis. If my math is right, Roddy has a (very) outside chance of catching Mathis this year. He's 770 yards behind Mathis and 17 TDs behind him. I don't know if Roddy will catch him in TDs, but in yards, Roddy should have that by next season. I think it's suffice to say that Roddy is probably the best receiver this team has had in a long time, if not all-time.

Julio is 68th in franchise history in yardage. You get 'em, Julio. Also, William Andrews had 30 career fumbles. Mathis had 2. Good grief.

Onto defense. Some of this is interesting. There is nobody within 50 miles of the interceptions record. Rolland Lawrence has the INT record with 39. The highest active player on the list is (surprise) Brent Grimes with 13. He's 13th all time and a nice and cozy 11 INTs behind Deion.

But now onto a much closer and important record: sacks. Abe has a good chance to break the Falcons sack record this year. He's in 3rd with 52 sacks with the team, and the sack leader is Chuck Smith with 58.5. Kerney had 58 sacks with the team. Abe's got a really good chance to break that franchise record this year and I think it'd be cool to see him do it.

That's just a few of the records. There are some others that'll still take a while to break. That was also all-time records. I'm sure we have a few single season record holders on the team right now. Any other team records that interest you? Single season? Career? 

Also, Turner has had 10 fumbles. Vick, when he was with us, had 55. Ha.