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Could The Falcons Sign Brian Robiskie?

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This is more of a thought exercise than anything, since the odds are pretty long the Falcons would shake up the receiver depth chart at this point in the season. 

Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns cut loose Brian Robiskie. The once promising young wideout—he's still just 23—did little to nothing over parts of three seasons in Cleveland. Admittedly he wasn't exactly in the best system for any wide receiver to excel, but he rarely got open nonetheless.

Lacking killer wheels and ups, Robiskie would not seem to offer anything particularly compelling to the Falcons.

There are two reasons why this is still a possibility:


  • The Falcons' current receivers coach is Terry Robiskie. Terry Robiskie, if you did not know, is Brian's father. If Robiskie the Younger is going to land anywhere, it would seem to be with his dad.
  • Brian Robiskie, despite his struggles with most everything else a wide receiver is supposed to do, is a great run blocker with height. The Falcons love them some run-blocking wide receivers. He's also sure-handed, at least by reputation.

I still think there's promise in Robiskie, who I liked coming out of college. The question is whether the Falcons would shake up their current depth chart to make room for him. Given their well-publicized crush on Kerry Meier, the answer would seem to be no, unless they were willing to cut Eric Weems loose and use Dominique Franks as the team's full-time returner. That doesn't seem particularly likely either.

Do you think there's even a small chance this will happen?