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At What Point Would You Consider Hitting The Panic Button?

Another relatively short discussion post for you this morning. School's kicking my rear currently, so elaborations will have to wait for now.

I'll be honest, I'm not expecting a win this weekend. Green Bay looks unstoppable and, quite frankly, we look un-go-able. No doubt GB is a Super Bowl contender, and this will provide a good measuring stick to see where we are at this point. I think most of you will agree with me that, at this point, we'll come up short against GB. If we meet them in the playoffs, however, it might be a different story.

However, let's talk about the panic button. From what I can tell, many of you are upset with the way the Falcons are playing, and rightfully so. I'm certainly disappointed in what I've seen thus far. But there's a possibility this could get really ugly in a hurry. After GB, the Panthers come to town, and if you've seen anything about the Panthers, you'd know that Cam Newton has been airing it out like a boss.

The Panthers are still at the bottom of the division, but their morale is arguably higher than its been in a couple years, and they're right on the cusp of actually being a reasonable team. They almost beat the Bears (who whooped us), but barely outlasted the Jaguars, so they're a bit of an enigma.

I'll be pressing panic if we lose to the Panthers. The Packers I can understand, but the Panthers, nope. I don't care how much they've improved, if we lose to the Panthers, then we have a real chance of losing any remaining game on the schedule, including Indy, but probably excluding Minnesota. Save me the "Any Given Sunday" junk. A lot of winnable games suddenly look more like fights for our lives, and that's not the quality of a playoff team, folks.

Right now, this team isn't a playoff team. Not by a long stretch, but I'm not hitting the panic button just yet. If the Panthers come into the Dome and put a whooping on us, then yeah, I'll be right there.

How about you all? Do you refuse to panic? Have you panicked already? Does panic not mean anything to you? Discuss it here!