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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Harry Douglas On Ice

Either Harry Douglas spit in Mike Mularkey's cheese grits or Thomas Dimitroff bleeds lava. While the latter is awesome and a scientific fact, the former is undoubtedly what's keeping HD from assuming a bigger role in the Falcons offense.

HD's target #s and receptions in 2011

Bears: 4 targets - 2 receptions

Eagles: 2 targets - 2 receptions

Bucs: 5 receptions - 7 targets

Seahawks: 0 targets

If you into that kind of thing, according to Football Outsiders, HD has been one of the most inefficient receivers in the game this year. I don't buy into that yet, mainly because the sample size isn't big enough to make that call at this point.

So what's going on? Is MM just being MM? Or is there something amiss? Curious what y'all think.