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Wednesday Falcons Injury Report: Four Not Practicing

Short injury update tonight, because I'm on the go.

The Falcons announced that four players were held out of practice in all Wednesday afternoon. They were, in descending order of importance for this huge game against the Packers, the following four:

  • Roddy White. The Falcons need to exploit a middling Packers secondary, and even if they've done well against #1 receivers, White is brutally tough to cover with his route-running skills. That said, he always misses Wednesday practice and is going to play, so you need not worry.
  • Todd McClure. I'm worried about McClure's legs, which have undergone surgery. I was doubly worried when he was hurt and left the Seahawks game. Joe Hawley will get the start if he can't go.
  • Michael Palmer. The tight end has been utilized infrequently, but it stinks to lose any pieces on offense. Unsure of what his status will be, so check back in Friday.
  • Cliff Matthews. Matthews won't have an impact in 2011, and would be inactive for gameday either way. Hopefully he's fine soon, though.

There you have it. Thoughts?