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Tweets of the Game: Bring Your Heart Pills

We didn't get to Tavaris once on Sunday. Not a single sack to be had. (Photo by Stephen Brashear /Getty Images)
We didn't get to Tavaris once on Sunday. Not a single sack to be had. (Photo by Stephen Brashear /Getty Images)
Getty Images

Like how the Falcons are establishing the run early. Getting back to Falcons football! Falcfans


#2 to #88! Great start Falcons! Keleland

Best thing about that drive? Everything. TheFalcoholic

Seattle does the illegal shift! That's what they call the 9 a.m. in El Paso, Texas. TheFalcoholic

Need better push up the middle there. They still got Jackson down but I'd like to be able to see him not step up in the pocket. FalconsDCox

That sound you hear is tens of thousands of Seahawks fans dialing 911 on Julio Jones for cornerback abuse. TheFalcoholic

Got to get Julio a TD today.  FalconsDCox

Roll outs: Not popular with Falcons fans. Writing that down. TheFalcoholic

And @CurtisLofton50 would like to see Tarvaris Jackson's license, registration, and the football, please. Jeannathomas

No one wants to tackle Michael Turner. I don't blame them. TD, Falcons. FalconsJAdams

I think my Falcons are a little angry today!! MemphisFalcon1

Some one just rolled a bowling ball down the field wearing Turners #33 Steve_NDfan

Getting no pressure on Jackson at all. D line has gotta do better. MemphisFalcon1

Julio! After Ryan has a little bit of time, which is nice. FalconsNeedRing

Roddy White, destroyer of worlds. TheFalcoholic

seriously though...great fight to get the TD by Turner. AFC_Sara

Falcons offense is like a well oiled ninja cyber tiger w/laser beam eyes&razor blade teeth today. Now, lets avoid the soft zone on D please. Technomonk13

Go for the throat, Falcons. TheFalcoholic

RoboKicker nails it from 47 yards. 24-7 Falcons. Technomonk13

Matt Bryant is the best kicker the Falcons have had since Morten Anderson. DirtyBird4life

DEEEEEEEP pass to Julio Jones. Great catch and play.  FalconsJAdams

Old man Bryant still has something in that right leg. Nails 47 and 50 yarders. #Falcons lead 27-7. JeffSchultzAJC

Our real D has shown up on this drive. :( DirtyBird4life

Our offense stalled that series because of all those run play calls by Mularkey. Always takes his foot off the gas when we're ahead. MemphisFalcon1

This is bad folks. How the D can collapse like this is inexcusable. If the Falcons lose this game.......who gets the axe? DirtyBird4life

I don't want to alarm anyone, but the Seahawks are within six points. Also, little marshmallowy on D and special teams. TheFalcoholic

This is easily Tony's best season as a Falcon. DirtyBird4life

Julio Jones only has two settings: Asleep and Ruiner Of Worlds. TheFalcoholic

Up by two scores, at least. 30-21 Falcons. Glad to have the score, but that play calling was about as inspired as a stick figure drawing. TheFalcoholic

That's the Bosher I've come to know...... #pleasecuthim FalconsTirso

This is absolutely pathetic. The #Falcons should be ashamed of themselves. DirtyBird4life

Mike Mularkey: Great run, Matt! Let's capitalize! Mike Mularkey's brain: RUN ON FIRST DOWN! TheFalcoholic

A win is a win, but this was just bad....bad....bad. DirtyBird4life

Thank goodness. In other news, I might die of a heart attack right now. Jeannathomas