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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Leave the Offensive Line Alone!

Think the title (and the sentiment that underlies it) is a bit much? Or just don't get it? Then check this out, because that's where I'm at. Baker's not the long-term solution at LT, Johnson will be unemployed before the season's over, McClure starts collecting social security next month, Clabo is a whiny millionaire, and Blaylock smells worse than Dave.

We've heard it all. And I'm guilty of perpetuating these memes. But I'm not alone. Many of you are guilty of the same. For that reason, I implore you to think twice, or at least give what follows some thought.

Former NFL O-Lineman Ross Tucker penned this must-read today. And he had some interesting things to say:

At a minimum, fans and media alike need to look at the number of teams unhappy with offensive line play and realize that maybe this is the new normal. If that is the standard of performance for more than half of the teams in the league, then that is, by definition, the average.

The fans in Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Pittsburgh loathe their teams' offensive lines. Heck, even the media covering the Falcons, Lions and Jets have been quick to point out the subpar performances of those units so far this season. Those are all teams considered to be pretty good. Don't even get me started with some of the league's lightweights.

Think about the Packers, Patriots, Chargers and Saints, which all have lines that are considered stellar. Yes, those teams throw the ball a bunch, but each has an accomplished quarterback who gets the ball out of his hands quickly. Nobody complained all that much about the Colts' offensive line until Peyton Manning got hurt and now all of a sudden it's a major problem. Coincidence? Of course not.

Food for thought. Discuss!