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Who Would You Like To See At OC and DC?

Mike Smith, next Falcons Defensive Coordinator??
Mike Smith, next Falcons Defensive Coordinator??

Despite all the kerbumbling that's been going on about FIRE THIS GUY or FIRE THAT GUY, nobody's really offered an alternative.

So today, we're going to pretend that MM and BVG were just fired yesterday, and we need new coordinators. Today's your chance to get on a soapbox and explain to your peers just who you think should replace those two men.

Personally, if BVG were to go, I'd like to see Smitty pick up the D. Raheem Morris does it down in Tampa Bay, and they've had decent results thus far.

On offense, I don't have any names in particular, but I would like to see what someone else could do with the offense. If any of you feel like that's a flip flop from any previous opinions of mine, I said something similar prior to this season's beginning. QB Coach Bratkowski ran a pretty potent offense up in Cincy for a few years, but really I'd just like to see what would happen in someone else's hands.

This is primarily a post for you all. Many of you have a stronger opinion than I about our coordinators. Who would you like to see at OC and DC?