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Samsung Falcons Game Ball Of The Week: Matt Ryan

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All too often when I tell you to watch a player before a game, that player does nothing. Call it the Curse of Choate.

Thankfully, Matt Ryan stepped up against the Seahawks. It was arguably his best game of the season, as he avoided turnovers, made throws on the run and led an offense unable to open holes for Michael Turner to 30 points. It may not have been a Tom Brady the Terminator performance, rife with touchdowns and 400 yards, but it was a classic Ryan game in a sense. Efficient, no turnovers and a handful of spectacular passes against a secondary that was ripe to be abused.

Ice was helped by improvements, however incremental, along the offensive line. But Ryan deserves the game ball for his performance and, most encouragingly, for his growing rapport with Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. If the Falcons can just get Harry Douglas more involved, this passing game and Ryan become terrifying in short order.

It also brings Ryan to a 6/4 TD/INT ratio for the season, which is headed in the right direction.

So there's our game ball of the week. From here on out, we're turning out eyes to the Packers. Do you agree with the choice?