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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Jooleeoh is Back!

He's baaaaaaaaaaack. And guess what? The Indy DBs just collectively gulped. Hard.

DOL broke the fanfreakingtastic news after practice. Seriously y'all, talk about good timing. Given the Colts' participation in the infamous "race to the bottom," JJ doesn't have to surge back. Instead of relying on him heavily right off the bat, we can ease the prodigal son back into the rotation. Then - when we really need him to turn it on versus the Aints - he will hopefully be back to his old self.

Many Falcoholics have opined about balance in this offense. On the one hand, we tend to thrive when Burner gets going. At the same time, there's pressure to involve all our offensive weapons. Admittedly, it's hard to involve everyone, but what a problem to have! That's why gameplanning works so well with this team.

Arthur Blank hasn't developed a player-first franchise. Obviously Roddy, JJ, Gonzo, and Burner understand that. Not one of them is going to complain because they aren't involved enough. If anything, Roddy might appreciate a little help. He's got his longevity to worry about, and while I certainly appreciate his willingness to play through injuries, JJ is getting healthy at the perfect time.

Curious what y'all think. Discuss!