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A Sunday Morning Discussion: Matt Ryan's Interceptions

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Thought I'd get your brains jogging a little bit. Let's face it: Our brains are all a little flabby this time of year.

The question I want to ask is about Matt Ryan, and his abnormally high interception total in 2011. He's thrown eight thus far this year, which is just one less than a season ago and just six off of his career high. By any standard, that's not great, though it's worth pointing out that he's been sacked just five times less than a season ago, as well.

What's causing this? Is it the pressure Ryan has been feeling in the pocket, and the 18 sacks that have resulted from it? Is it Ryan himself, forcing throws and trying to do too much in the passing game? Or is it Mike Mularkey, whose dastardly hand drives the scheming that leads to receivers not getting open and Ryan having to throw into tight spaces? 

I'd like to see you guys debate it and see if we can arrive at some sort of haphazard consensus. So debate away!