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This Season Has Been Wacky

This season has been so wacky, Aaron Curry (59) tried out for Falcons punter in the middle of the game!
This season has been so wacky, Aaron Curry (59) tried out for Falcons punter in the middle of the game!

First and foremost, this is not a justification for anything that has or has not happened. This is simply a post taking a look around the whole NFL because, from what I can tell, this season has been very, very.....different.

Also, if you didn't catch what I put yesterday, I didn't watch the game, as I was attending to my girlfriend's birthday. Men, don't forget completely about your women.

However, had the Super Bowl been yesterday, well, sorry sweetheart.

In any case, take the jump with me and we'll take a look at just how silly this season has been up to this point.

Okay, raise your hand if you thought the Lions would be tied atop the NFC North with Green Bay to this point. There may be some takers. Now, keep your hand up if you thought they'd both be 4-0? Probably not many people, if any. That's just one example.

Here's a few others.

The leader in sacks, with 7, plays for a team that is 1-3. Jason Babin

Two of the top 5 rushers play for teams that are a combined 1-7. Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy

The division winners from a year ago (Falcons, Eagles, Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Bears, Seahawks, Steelers) are a combined 12-19. Not counting tonight's game.

In comparison, the last place teams in each division from a year ago (Bengals, Bills, Cardinals, Titans, Broncos, Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, Cardinals) are a combined 14-18.

Two Falcons castoffs (Jamaal Anderson, Chris Houston) have scored defensive touchdowns this year.

Our leading receiver is a rookie, and our top two receivers have one touchdown reception between them.

In comparison, Calvin Johnson has had two touchdown receptions in each game this year.

Roddy White, the most targeted (last year) and one of the most reliable receivers in the NFL, is in the dumps of the league in drops this year.

Nnamdi Asomugha, arguably one of the best cornerbacks in the league, has looked completely lost this year. Why? Because he made his money as a man coverage player, but has been thrown in zone coverage in Philly.

The Steelers, having one of the best turnover ratios in the league last year, committed seven turnovers in a single game.

In a single game where the final score totaled 51 points, there was one offensive touchdown, and five defensive touchdowns.

While blame can surely be placed on more tangible things, can we all just agree that this season seems a little.....different?