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Vicks Sleeper Of The Week: Let's Look Ahead

We're looking ahead today with a sponsored post. Feel the excitement!

If you're looking for a fantasy sleeper the rest of the way, look no further than Julio Jones.There's plenty of targets in this passing game—Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas and Roddy White saw the bulk of them last week—but nobody is as dynamic as Jones in this offense. With the ground game continuing to look pretty darn good, the passing game should be able to step up and perform well on a consistent basis.

That brings us to Jones. Hurt the last two weeks, he should be returning after the bye against a (mostly) weak slate of  pass defenses. Expectations will be fairly low, given his inconsistent production and the state of the passing game, which has sputtered its way through the season thus far.

But it's a very good time to buy low on Jones in fantasy leagues, since the Falcons' passing offense figures to improve. There's also the small fact that Jones remains a freak of nature, a guy capable of snatching passes well over his head and making things happen after the catch. Just because we haven't seen much of it thus far doesn't mean we won't see it soon.

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