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Tweets of the Game: Mega-who?

Let's see Megatron catch with his pinkies. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Let's see Megatron catch with his pinkies. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Since I've been sorely lacking in getting any content up the past few days, today you get a two-fer. Two Tweets of the Game. One day. Enjoy.

Well, what was supposed to be Detroit's bounce back from a terrible loss turned into a rather sloppy but still very delicious Falcons win. Can't ask for more than that. Our fearless leader (Dave) was out of commission this past game but everyone stepped up their game to provide some epic content.



Tony Gonzalez is the only receiver on the Falcons that has caught a pass. FalconsDCox

Whoa.....nice fumble recovery! Jake_W

This dude behind me yells cheaters every time we get a penalty. I'm sick of hearing this crap. FalconsDiva28

Eat it!! Just eat that touchdown pill!!! Eat it! FalconsTirso

Optimus Grimes up one on MegaTron so far. FalconsJAdams

Suh isn't in the game right now. Trying to find out why. Hearing a possible ejection? FalconsJAdams

Optimus Grimes got up higher than megatron MidwestATLFALC

Ok Falcs, it'd be nice to get another TD here before we hit the Terrible Third Quarter... technomonk13

That last catch moved Tony Gonzalez into 2nd on the all time NFL receptions list with 1102, tying Marvin Harrison. FalconsDLevak

Yes! TD Falcons with a great catch by @roddywhiteTV peachyfuture

Roddy caught that pass with his pinkies. His freakin' pinkies! FalconsJAdams

Falcons defense has held Lions to 88 net yards and 0-for-5 on third down. JeffSchultzAJC

Optimus Grimes is trending.... CLASSIC ATLJBO22

Big miss by Matt Ryan on first down there. A fourth year QB has to do better than that. Pdsnyder

That fantastic disrupted ball by Ray makes it 0-for-6 on third downs by the Lions. FalconsDCox

D-line is stepping up today falcfans

Oh no. jeannathomas

OMG! Please.... Pray with me! FalconsTirso

Oh no. Broken or dislocated? AtlantaPeaches

I don't believe this, but Matt Ryan is walking off on his own power with no limp. FalconsJAdams

Matt's on the table on the sideline, but he walked off and looked fine. I'm in shock over that. FalconsJAdams

Well done, #Falcons defense. Very well done. ReidAdair

[Detroit] 0-for-7 on third downs now. FalconsDCox

I have a lot of confidence in Rojohombre. I really do. It is time to #RiseUp. Jeannathomas

Matt Ryan is a tough SOB technomonk13

The sports gods smiled on us. Dirtybird4life

Matt comes out the locker room and silences the crowd. Ice. Cold. ShutUpImTweetin

So he is par when he is healthy but he gets injured and throws bombs? So the more you kick his ass the better he is? Wth? L0rd91

Matt Ryan is a machine, sent back from the future to deliver us a championship. Rahjim

Alright, offense, time to get that one back falcfans

Well, that doesn't look like a running back with a head injury whose return is questionable. ReidAdair

Bad pass. VERY bad pass..... Poppa_Falcon

Oh no! Not Ovie!!! Prayer time FalconsDiva28

Thank you, Detroit, for holding on Falcons' fourth-down play. ReidAdair

Ha!!!! Lions fans heading to the exits. ReidAdair

Will Svitek has played FANTASTIC today. Sam who? Dirtybird4life

You see the spin change on that ball. That was a tip by @CoreyPeters91 and it damn well may save the game. Jeannathomas

QUIZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! ReidAdair

I am so proud of this Falcons team. Four good quarters of football and we took a quality win in a tough stadium from a good team. Jeannathomas