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Tweets of the Game: How to Peel Back the Teal

You don't see this very often, folks. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
You don't see this very often, folks. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Since I've been sorely lacking in getting any content up the past few days, today you get a two-fer. Two Tweets of the Game. One day. Enjoy.

The Panther game was special. Not "OMG we totally kicked butt" special but "yup, that's a NFC South game for ya" special. We didn't exactly dominate but we didn't exactly suck either. Tweets ahoy.

I was hoping for a little know, six points. TheFalcoholic

Good to see we've got a third team in black and white stripes playing today. TheFalcoholic

Story of the year so far there. Moore and Babineaux have Newton in a bad place and it ends with a first down.  FalconsJAdams

Ray Edwards is giving a Panthers o-lineman a piggy back ride, but that isn't holding on CAR? Oh, okay. Jeannathomas

Looks like 1st quarter will be one of the quarters we decide not to play today. FalconsNeedRing

Michael Turner running with purpose. That purpose? The annihilation of all that is good and alive in the world. TheFalcoholic

LOOK at Ovie!!! Poppa_Falcon

This drive has as many penalties as plays. This is sloppier than my college dorm room. TheFalcoholic

Dear Mike Mularkey: The run appears to be working today, so it's okay to do it.  Jake_W

This zone is as soft as angel down and kitten fur. TheFalcoholic

Our Pass rush and secondary are pathetic!! I don't care who gets mad. If u disagree what are you watching! MemphisFalcon1

Lord are we gonna have to count on our offense for this game? FalconsNeedRing

One ref just threw his flag and his hat. Next would have been his knee socks. FalconsJAdams

Y'all have to give Mularkey credit for that call. No one is going to cover Ovie in the redzone. AJCFalcons

Ovie Mughelli of THE Wake Forest University performs the first unironic Dirty Bird since perhaps 2002 JasonKirkSBN

newton has waaaaaaay too much time to throw DShurrow

God forbid anyone should hit Cam Newton with a feather. TheFalcoholic

Grimesy leaps. Grimesy catches. Grimesy runs! FalconsNeedRing

And that is now 25 games in a row with at least one turnover for the Falcons. Longest such streak in the NFL currently. FalconsJAdams

That punt for Bosher was just 53 yards. Longest of his career. FalconsJAdams

Third down is the Falcons' kryptonite. Their Achilles heel. Their Achilles kryptonheel. TheFalcoholic

"Adjustments," Brian Van Gorder says, mockingly. "The Titanic didn't make adjustments and that turned out fine." TheFalcoholic

No flag? Of course. No quality offensive performance in the third quarter? Also of course. TheFalcoholic

Nice sack by Ray. Couldn't have come at a better time. FalconsDCox

Defense ROSE UP. C'mon OFFENSE! Do ur thing! No more 2nd Half Blues!!! Poppa_Falcon

Burner scorching some turf on that one. TheFalcoholic

So is the training course for refs like a mail-order deal, or...? TheFalcoholic

Whew, that was a big defensive stop for the Falcons there. FalconsDCox

I'm hungry. Anyone else want the Falcons to pick up a touchdown? TheFalcoholic

Harry Douglas can stop time. FalconsJAdams

TURNER!!!! Poppa_Falcon

yessssss!! RYAN DESERVED that TD!!! Poppa_Falcon

We are going bowling. I found my ball. I call him ... Michael Turner. AaronSiders

Time for the Falcons to make like a roadblock. TheFalcoholic


Peters Picked A Peck of Panthers Passes. FalconsDLevak

Cam Newton steals a laptop and Deion's dance, the Falcons steal his dignity. It's the ciiiiiiircle of life. TheFalcoholic

Newton has attempted 3 passes in the 4 qtr. One occured on holding penalty, one was intercepted and one was incomplete. FalconsDCox

Michael Turner averaging over five yards per carry, as well as one giant FYP (F*** You Panthers) per carry. TheFalcoholic

Welcome to ATL, Cam Newton. Doubt this was the "homecoming" you were hoping for. P.S. Don't do Prime's dance in our house. Rookie mistake. Jeannathomas

In all seriousness, this is how the Falcons should have been playing all season long. It's good to finally see it. TheFalcoholic

What a way to end the game! DeCoud with the INT!!! FalconsDiva28

Cam leaves the field early instead of shaking hands. What a classless turd. DirtyBird4life