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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Garret Reynolds On Ice

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According to this article - courtesy of Pro Football Focus - Garrett Reynolds had a bad week seven: 

Reynolds looked overmatched when going up against Ndamukong Suh.  Maybe he knew it himself and that’s why he picked up three penalties.

I won't lie, when Garrett was drafted, I was pretty excited. Impressive size and a good value. Sports Illustrated had this to say about the former Tar Heel before the 2009 Draft:

Reynolds offers terrific size and plays to it on the field. He's a marginal athlete and lacks the great upside, yet he understands the offensive line position, and he offers possibilities as a utility blocker who can be placed at guard or tackle.

I'm willing to give him the-benefit-of-the-doubt, at least for a while. But at a certain point, the growing pains are hard to ignore. Is he our right guard of the foreseeable future? To be honest, I'm just not sure, and that is where y'all come in. Weigh in on his recent performance, potential, and Dave's receding hairline. Ready? Set? Go!