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Is Brian Van Gorder Off Of Your Hot Seat?

After a surprisingly inspired performance against the Lions on Sunday, many people were excited at the possibility of having a high-caliber defense for the first time in a long time.

Naturally, the players have shown the capability to play at a high level, but more often than not, they were in the right place at the right time, and that starts with two individuals (well, three if you count Smitty): BVG and Curtis Lofton. Lofton is the quarterback of the defense. He relays the defensive call, and he makes sure everyone is in place. Oh, and he makes some tackles, too.

Like many others around here, I was calling for BVG's head some time ago, but after a couple weeks of reasonably inspired defense, I'm starting to wonder if maybe he's turned the corner. Either that or someone took the batteries out of his headset.

In any case, I know some of you will probably still want to reserve judgment on BVG until we see a few more performances, but my question for you all today is whether or not BVG has earned anywhere from some breathing room to getting off your hot seat altogether.

Personally, I'm too skeptical to believe in either coordinator for any reason at this point, but I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion is on this. Let's do this!

(Bonus obscure stat: Was looking at some advanced stats while writing this. Detroit's overall rating against #2 WR is similar to, if not slightly better than, the Jets against #1 WR, whom is usually covered by Revis. Interesting.)