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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Who is Mike Cox?

Jason Kirk alerted us earlier today re: Ovie's season-ending injury. He also broke the news re: Mike Cox's signing.

For those not-in-the-know, it seems Ovie's post-game projection was somewhat off-base.

Mughelli tweeted Monday the injury was not as bad as it appeared.

"Thx for all the love and support guys," OvieMughelli34 tweeted. "I promise I’m ok. It looked worse than it is. I heard the slo mo looked bad on tv. I’ll b back soon."

The injury was more serious than he thought. The man can block his you-know-what off, but he's no doctor. He will in fact miss the remainder of the season. Let's not kid ourselves, his loss is significant. As y'all know, Snelling played FB in college and has filled that role adequately from time to time. He also affords some versatility in that role. The signing of Cox is really just a failsafe. Smith - at least on the surface - believes that Snelling can fill the void for the time being. 

Coach Mike Smith said Monday that Jason Snelling would move up at fullback if Mughelli’s injury was serious.

"Jason’s had to do this before," Smith said. "Last year, we missed Ovie when he was injured in the San Francisco game. He stepped right in and our offense didn’t miss a beat ... Jason stepped in (Sunday) into a no-huddle situation where he was playing fullback and we were running our no-huddle offense and we didn’t miss a beat. Jason has done it in the past and he’s very familiar and that’s one of the reasons we have him on our roster because he gives us flexibility to play both the fullback and the halfback."

If you're that confident in his ability, then why sign Cox? Simple: Cox is the new plan B. Snelling was the plan B before and Cox will fill that role going forward.

His brother - who also plays fullback - was with the Falcons during training camp. Should be an interesting Thanksgiving dinner at the Cox household. "Sorry bro, they like me better!"