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How Will We Handle The Return Of Julio Jones?

Julio points out his highlight tape on the Jumbotron.
Julio points out his highlight tape on the Jumbotron.

Quick discussion post for you all today. This time, I'm not a lame-o. It's just a quick discussion post because not much has gone on this site today because Dave is the man around here.

As you all know, the offense has still functioned fine without Julio Jones, and HD has seen some passes that he might not have seen otherwise.

We've leaned on Turner a bit more in recent weeks, but whether that will continue after Julio returns is the question I'm posing.

Ideally, we should continue to run the offense the way we've been running it now. 20-25 carries for Turner and/or the RB crew, and 30-35 passes. The difference is that a couple passes that might either be for low yardage or incompletions will be completed/improved with our superstar rook back in the fold.

I feel like Matty's been forcing it to Julio, much like he did to Gonzo when we first acquired him. Now, Matty and Gonzo connect like clockwork, and I think Matt and Julio will get like that eventually. Unfortunately, it'll require a full offseason of work to get to that point, and we don't have any of those lying around anywhere nearby.

When Julio returns, what do you think we'll do? Will we go back to our pass-happy ways? Or will we continue to run Turner 20-25 times a game while using Julio occasionally? Discuss!