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Saturday Injury Report: Go 2nd String Offensive Line!

I certainly hope Coach Paul has the BBUs - also known as the Backup Big Uglies - ready to roll, because Ryan's life may depend on it.

Abraham: Listed as questionable, though he did practice yesterday and Thursday. Expect to see him play. Smitty will likely limit his snaps. Given that Detroit will need to rely heavily on their passing game, we sure could use him.

Babineuax: Listed as probable. Has practiced all week. He will be ready to go tomorrow. Be afraid Stafford. Be very afraid.

Baker: Listed as questionable and he hasn't practiced all week. Will Svetek will either shine or make Kyle Vanden Bosch think he's got hair again. For all the Baker haters out there, we're about to see whether the "anyone but him" argument holds weight. I'm thinking it doesn't.

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Jones: Hasn't practiced all week. Listed as doubtful. Craptastic.

McClure: Listed as questionable and he was limited in practice yesterday. I'd like to think he will play, but I'd also like to think BVG's mustache will come back in style. Wishful thinking won't bring home the Twinkies.

Reynolds: Listed as questionable and he was limited in practice yesterday. To be honest, Johnson's not a significant drop off, so I'm not to worried if Reynolds needs a week off.

Sanders: Listed as probable. Given Decoud's recent hot streak, we could probably do without him. But I'm not complaining. It's nice to have depth at safety for a change.

White: Listed as probable. But he's fully participated in practice all week. Say what you want about him having an off-year, the kid is playing through an injury, and I respect the heck out of that.

Owens: Still out. Concussions suck.

As for the Lions ...

Both of their starting corners - Wright and Houston - are listed as probable. Wright hasn't practiced all week and Houston was limited in practice yesterday after not practicing Wednesday and Thursday. Even with Jones out and Roddy hurt, I'm expecting a big game for Ryan. Bank on it.

As for their running game, with Best being concussed and Harrison out for the year, Maurice Morris will pound the rock for the Blue and Grey felines. He's downright ancient by RB standards - plus he's averaged 2.2 yards/carry this year - so expect to see some heavy reliance on Megatron. Oh and cats smell. Stupid cats.

Cherilus (their right tackle) is listed as questionable, so Edwards may log a sack or two in his absence. Finally, Durant (one of their starting OLBs) is listed as probable but was still suffering from concussion symptoms earlier this week.

To be honest, they're pretty banged up. And I think that means good things if you're an Atlanta fan. Our O-Line has seen better days, and that may create problems for our offense. What say you? Discuss!