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Will The Real Falcons Show Up On Sunday?

Can Turner continue the trend of Falcon-like hard nosed football?
Can Turner continue the trend of Falcon-like hard nosed football?

This is somewhat of a trick question, since it's fair to say we don't even know who the real Falcons are to this point.

But is it fair to ask whether we will figure out who exactly the real Falcons are on Sunday? I think it's fair to assume that this game could be foreshadowing the rest of our season. The excuse "It's only week <low number>" isn't valid anymore.

If we're a good team, we need to play like a good team against a good team. This year's Lions remind me a lot of our 2008 team that many would've considered upstart. As surprising as that season was, we were still put in our place by good teams. If we're a good team, we will put the Lions in their place.

No doubt the Lions are playing good football, but we're capable of playing better. Whether that will happen or not is a whole different story altogether. I've come to expect championship caliber play from this team and have been let down pretty much every week this year. If we're going to compete against powerhouse teams like Green Bay and New Orleans for a championship, we have to start playing like them. We don't need to blow teams out, but we need to leave that feeling of "We had no chance of winning" in our opponents each and every week. Our QB is capable, our run game is capable, and our D is capable.

Now, for crying out loud, go out there and play like you want it, Falcons.

Will the real Falcons show up on Sunday? If we play poorly, that could very well be the real Falcons, as devastating as that might be to the fanbase. Or will we piddle around and not show another effort worth a flying toot? I look forward to hearing your opinions on this!