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Thursday Morning Discussion: Defensive Line of Terror Edition

Will Turner be the key to beating Detroit's defensive line?
Will Turner be the key to beating Detroit's defensive line?

Another quick discussion post for you this morning, because, in short, I am a lame-o.

Anyway, I think the Lions have an incredibly fearsome defensive line and my question to you all is simple. What do we have to do to limit the damage (let's face it, there will be some damage) on Sunday?

I'd sit here and say "Run screens" but we all know the likelihood of that is slim to none, so we have to use what we're given.

Here, I'll follow that up with another question. Would the return of Julio this week (assuming he's 100% healthy) actually hinder the offense? We've tried to pass more with him out at receiver, and it has had middling results. More passing = more dropbacks, which = more risks for sacks/hits/etc. and our OL hasn't exactly been world-class.

We did a good job of setting up the run last week and, from what I understand, the Lions' run D isn't so hot right now. Should we use Turner a bunch even if Julio returns, or should we try and expose Chris Houston for what he was in Atlanta? The choice is yours! Discuss!