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Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks Open Thread

Win and claw back to .500, or lose and continue a descent into the basement of the NFC South. That's the two outcomes the Falcons face today, unless they somehow tie the Seahawks.

A win here is important, and the Falcons will be ready for a middling Seahawks team that still has a little bit of dangerous upside. Playing in one of the loudest venues in professional sports today, the Falcons will have to communicate well, play well and scheme well to walk away with one in the W column. I believe they can do it.

Here's the full inactive list:

  • DT Jonathan Babineaux
  • OLB Stephen Nicholas
  • DE Cliff Matthews
  • RB Jason Snelling
  • C Brett Romberg
  • G Mike Johnson
  • CB Darrin Walls
Obviously a little disappointed that Mike Johnson isn't getting a shot today, but oh well. Hopefully Garrett Reynolds steps up. 



As always, I'll be zipping in and out of the game thread with all of you. Enjoy the game!