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One Falcon To Watch: Matt Ryan

This is the best matchup Matt Ryan has had all year. It's time to exploit it.

As always, there are mitigating factors here. The offensive line may not dramatically improve. Chris Clemons may make Matt Ryan his tackling dummy. A meteor may fall to earth and Ryan may be called upon to save the United States. There's a lot of variables.

Ultimately, though, Ryan has the potential to have a field day. The Sehawks' are fielding a decent but unexceptional pass rush and a motley crew of cornerbacks who really don't match up all that well with Roddy White and Julio Jones. If the focus on keeping him alive has paid off at all, I think you'll see him do a ton of damage.

If I was to quantify that with numbers—hiss!—I would say somewhere in the order of 250 yards, three touchdown passes and a single interception, because I don't think the pass blocking's going to improve to the point where Ice won't make a crazy throw off his back foot into a crowd of bloodthirsty defenders while being dragged to the ground by three Seahawks who blew past the Falcons' line, which frankly just wants to go home. Still, good stuff!

Keep a close eye on Ryan.