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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Turner Wants the Rock

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They say the great ones always want the ball when the game is on the line. Now I don't know who "they" are exactly - but "they" say it - thus it clearly means something. I think.

In any case, the Touchdown Vampire himself is no exception to that rule:

"We're a run-first team," he said after carrying 27 times for a season-high 139 yards and two touchdowns. "I think everybody would say that."

"This team was built on running the football," he said. "We added Julio, he was a good addition for us and we're going to incorporate him."

But he noted that Atlanta appeared to wear down the Panthers as the clock wound down.

"I think we had a better focus on finishing, and in order to finish, we had to steadily pound the rock."

Awesome. Just awesome. He may be in decline, but (1) you wouldn't know it after last week's performance and (2) that's clearly not his mentality. Moreover, Ovie, Matty, and Smitty all have his back in that regard. I certainly hope Roddy and JJ don't take this personally. It's just who we are. Now that may change in the coming years. Turner can't play forever, and while Snelling is very talented, we've yet to see how he fares with a full-time workload.

Reading that article, some questions come to mind. I do wonder where this team will go in the coming years. When Turner no longer rocks the red and black, will Snelling simply pick up where he left off? Or will we pursue a Turner-like replacement via the draft? These are questions I'm hoping you all can answer, because to be frank, I'm answerless at this juncture. Comment early and often folks, and if you think this is a pointless discussion, then lurk away and/or insult Dave. Either option is acceptable.

Enlighten me Falcoholic-chugging masses!