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Falcons Wednesday Injury Report: Six Are Not Practicing

If this was a Friday, we'd be going into full-fledged panic mode. Since it's a Wednesday, we're merely wary.

In total, six Falcons are banged up and did not practice on Wednesday. There's some front-line players on this list, guys who will be extremely helpful against the Lions this Sunday. All we can do is hope they're well enough to play when the game rolls around.

Here's the list, with brief notes:

  • Sam Baker: Not everyone loves Baker—I call him Huggy Bear at times, thanks to his holding—but Will Svitek is not an improvement. Here's hoping his back is healed up soon.
  • Julio Jones: Still not practicing, Waffle House? That's unfortunate. The Falcons' passing game is more dynamic when the big guy is healthy, and I'm hoping he'll be set to go against Detroit.
  • Garrett Reynolds: He's banged up, too. The Falcons could roll with Mike Johnson and Brett Romberg and probably do alright, but this is a dangerous game thanks to Ndamokung Suh. Keep an eye on Reynolds' status.
  • Todd McClure: McClure's been a walking MASH unit this season, suffering from a million different ailments. I'm a little skittish about Joe Hawley starting up the middle against the Lions, but he has been pretty solid this season.
  • John Abraham: You'll see his name a lot on the injury report in 2011. Abe's long been nagged by injuries and is getting older, so the Falcons may choose to have him not practice early in the week to save him for games. At this time, I imagine he'll play.
  • Chris Owens: With concussion protocol, he won't return until he's ready. It'd be nice to have him on the field, but Kelvin Hayden can approximate his physicality against Titus Young.

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