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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Professionalism in Professional Sports

Seems like a given, doesn't it? Unless you're Jon Lester. Give this a read.

Obviously it's not football-related. And to be fair, Lester and company are more-than-likely an anomaly. The vast majority of professional athletes act like professionals IMO. But there's always an exception to the rule.

"Did we drink an occasional beer? Yes," he told "Did it affect our performance in September? No. This stuff has been going on long before September, and not only in this clubhouse, but 29 other clubhouses too. We ordered fried chicken maybe three times in six months. Other guys who were not playing that day would come in and have a bite to eat."

If you ascribe to Lester's theory - and I personally don't - then these shenanigans are commonplace among professional athletes. Seasons drag on and it's easy to fall into less-than-ideal habits. If you follow the personal lives of those on Arthur Blank's payroll, however, the Falcons have nothing to worry about.

Granted, Tony G markets his supplements during the season and Beer Man has a budding reality t.v. career. Nonetheless, I'd like to think red and black are synonymous with class and professionalism. Maybe I'm naive, and maybe I'm just being an enormous homer, but I'll maintain that position until someone proves me wrong.

Where should the line be drawn? Is it OK to focus on non-football activities during the season?