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Tardy Saturday Six Pack: Cam Cam Cam Edition 10/15/11

I had something else planned for this but I instead decided to go this route in light of my current situation.

This week, the Panthers, who have been on a moral victory tear, but only have one real victory to show for it. Hopefully, they will still only have one real victory to show for it, if the Falcons don't wish to have me bite their heads off. In any case, let's see what I can drum up for ya today.

AJC: Two quickies from the AJC for ya. First HD's behind the seat of #2 WR position tomorrow. Hopefully he steps up and has a big game. Second, Smitty breaks down the Panthers and their plethora of plays. Cam has the potential to run the option, something that isn't used much in the NFL these days.

Savannah Morning News: Paul Newberry of the SMN writes about Cam Newton's return to Atlanta. That's right, Cam's return. One thing I noticed in the article that was depressing is that the Panthers have had 33 explosive plays this year. We've had 16. Yeah, our explosive offense sure is working.

Yahoo! Sports: Yahoo does this thing where they let fans write stuff, I'm not sure what it is or how to be a part of it, but Patrick Michael, a Saints fan, previews the two NFC South games this week. Before you fret, he's not a balloon head, he actually picks us to win. Check it out.

Pro Football Weekly: Here's one for you stat-homies. (This article, upon further review, is much shorter than I expected.) I have a feeling it might become more elaborate as time wears on, but for the moment, it's short, and actually contains no stats. So for the moment I don't know what to say. Anywho, the article states that Dunta hasn't been worth the money. That might not come as a surprise to some, but the thing that got me was the last sentence that said his sources felt like the Falcons weren't pleased with his play, in spite of what Smitty said earlier today. Hmm......

Washington Post: Here is a neat little article about everyone's favorite Montana DE Kroy Biermann balancing fatherhood and the game of football. He was also engaged to Kim Zolciak earlier this week. Congratulations Beer man!

Random Funny: Stupid people are hilarious.