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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Special Weems' Future w/ the Team

Late night discussion-oriented post for y'all. Given the new kickoff rule, in my estimation and that of others, Special's role would diminished exponentially this year.

Consider this:

- He has 1 four-yard reception this year; he has 14 career receptions over 4 seasons

Then ponder this:

- He's returned 10 kickoffs this year

- He returned 40 kickoffs last year and 48 the year before

- He's on pace for 32 returns this year

And don't forget to mull over this:

- He's returned 9 punts this year

- He returned 18 punts last year and 27 the year before

- He's on pace for 28.8 punt returns this year

Aside from the fact that's he not a proven receiving threat, I'd say we still need him.

What say you?!