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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Proper Run to Pass Ratio

Cris Collinsworth looks like Gumby after a five-day bender. And I can't stand him. He nonetheless made an interesting observation during the game Sunday night. He alluded to the fact that our offense has gotten away from its run-first mentality this year. 

Here's how our run to pass ratio has shaken out week-to-week:

Bears - 14 rushes and 46 passes

Eagles - 29 rushes and 28 passes

Bucs - 15 rushes and 46 passes

Seahawks - 36 rushes and 42 passes

Packers - 22 rushes and 31 passes

We are 1-3 when we've passed more than we've rushed this year. Only exception was the Seattle game.