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Saturday Six Pack: Failed To Saturday Six Pack This Morning Edition 10/1/11

If the Falcons lose this weekend, it may be time to upgrade from a six pack of these.
If the Falcons lose this weekend, it may be time to upgrade from a six pack of these.

So I made the drive home from school yesterday (4.5 hours) and in the rush to catch up with my family, I totally forgot to write this post. It's no wonder I was unable to sleep last night. The spirits were speaking to me subconsciously. Anyway, let's get this going!

AJC: The AJC, as usual, kicks off the shenanigans today. First and foremost, Arthur Blank has sold his Buckhead mansion. He's bailing out on us! EVERYBODY PANIC! Just kidding. Next, A Q&A with everyone's favorite running back, Quizz! The last question is pretty funny. Lastly, much to the chagrin of some of the readers here, the Falcons will stick with a 15 play script. It's an interesting article that looks into the making of a game plan for the first drive or so. This article gives a look at how Pete Carroll is preparing for the Falcons. Even during his shaky start in Seattle, he, too, cannot fathom why the Falcons have scored an entire single touchdown on the road. Tomorrow is a must-win game in my eyes, or this season could go downhill in a hurry.

Washington Post: Todd McClure hopes to not have to apologize to Matt Ryan again. I think this is a good read because it gives us a little insight into what the linemen have been thinking and doing. No doubt, they're taking their struggles personally. I believe they're working hard, but I'll withhold my opinion on that until I see some results.

New York Times: For those who are still reeling from the Falcons struggles, or maybe even the Braves struggles, fear not: Atlanta's title hopes lie with the Dream. The Dream, if you're unfamiliar, is Atlanta's WNBA team. Now you might be asking "How does this relate to the Falcons?" Well, it's a mentality thing. If one team in a city wins a championship, we can start a cross-sport momentum swing!.....Yep, I'm grasping for straws here. Anything to win a Super Bowl.

Macon Telegraph: Bill Shanks of the Macon Telegraph writes that the Falcons are in dire need of discovering their identity. I think we're trying to become a different type of offense while still running the same offense. I'm not sure that works, but I'm no expert on the matter.

Random Funny: This is a sea horse.