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The Falcoholic Playoff Pick Party

Tap a keg of Falcohol, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to make your playoff picks.

Somebody will need to vigorously remind me of this down the line, but the winner of this little contest will get a front page post to ramble on about (almost) anything they'd like. If that's not a good enough prize, I'll send you a quarter by express mail or something. Some of you have already made picks.

Without further ado, I give you my picks after the jump. Follow with yours!


Wild Card Round: Saints over Seahawks
Packers over Eagles

Divisional Round: Falcons over Packers
Bears over Saints

NFC Championship: Bears over Falcons


Wild Card Round: Colts over Jets

Ravens over Chiefs

Divisional Round: Patriots over Ravens

Steelers over Colts

AFC Championship: Patriots over Steelers


Patriots over Bears