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Saturday Six Pack: The Wheel of Fate Is Turning Edition 1/8/11

Drink a cold one. We have a weekend of rest while four teams beat each other up just in the hope they get to play us. What a great feeling.
Drink a cold one. We have a weekend of rest while four teams beat each other up just in the hope they get to play us. What a great feeling.

(Rebel 1, Action!)

I wish I wasn't a poor college student. I'd make crazy references like that one and then send Falcons apparel to the first person to identify the reference if I wasn't about to be deep in college loan debt.

Indeed, the wheel of fate will decide who we face next Saturday. I think it's safe to rule out the Seahawks, but they're at least in the playoffs so there's always that chance that they could win. It's pretty much a toss-up between the Packers and Eagles. That figures to be a pretty good game.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: The ever reliable D. Orlando Ledbetter has given us this little morsel of information. It's basically saying that the Falcons wouldn't mind it if Seattle beat the Saints this weekend. I tend to agree, if only because we know we can handle them. With the loss of Pierre Thomas, though, the Saints look a bit less scary than they did in Falcons-Saints II.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Paul Newberry of the AP goes ahead and says that the Falcons definitely want to play the Seahawks if only because Roddy White suggested it in this little story. Also, USS Babineaux wants his brother HMS Babineaux to succeed, as well.

Blogging Dirty: Mike Reiter over at Blogging Dirty writes this about how Vick has gone from our most hated enemy to one of our best friends. It's an interesting take on the Vick story, as I personally was unaware of how much money he owed us. Now we're rooting for Philly to overpay him so he can pay us back for his stupidity. Sounds like a winner to me.

Bleacher Report: Adam Lazarus over at Bleacher Report did a little slideshow about 10 things the Falcons need to do to get in the Super Bowl here. I'm not sure I agree with everything 100%, but he does make a case for a seemingly good run D actually being not-so-good, and he does nail the point about not getting caught up in Vick hype. It's worth a look.

Examiner: Phil Foley over at writes about the Falcons' preying eyes watching each football game this weekend very intently. Unfortunately, they won't know who they're playing for sure until Sunday. Sure would be nice to know tomorrow so that we could get a potential extra day of film study in, but that's life, I suppose.

Random Funny: So a lady decides she wants to go on television and show her stuff on a popular British dance show. That's cool, right? Well, this might be what happens when you mix that idea with some hard drugs. Just saying.

Hooray for bye week!