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Nominate The Best Moment Of The 2010 Atlanta Falcons Season

Jason Kirk either has or will soon post what various sundry Atlanta bloggers thought about the sports scene in the city this season, and one of the questions he asked was regarding the best moment in that scene over the past year.

With 16 games in the books and the playoffs ahead, I thought it might be a good time to ponder what the best moment or single play was for our beloved Falcons. Was it Kroy Biermann's tip, interception, roll and rumble into the end zone? Was it Chauncey Davis' pick of an errant Drew Brees flip? Was it Roddy White's thrilling touchdown catch at the end of the Baltimore game, or or any one of the other tremendous catches he made?

You tell me. Nominate as many as three, and I'll cobble together a final list of nominees from your choices. Then we'll vote this weekend or early next week, with the final moment selected before the game next weekend. Hit us with your best shots!