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Road to the Big Game: The Falcons Will Bring Balance

What's it going to take to get the Falcons to the Super Bowl, our stalwart sponsors asked? I can answer that in one word.


Just kidding! I can't answer anything in one word. That's why I was an English major in college. The one thing that separates the Falcons from all other contenders in the crowded NFC field this playoff season is their balance. The only team that comes close to matching the Falcons' rare blend of rich offense, creamy defense and smooth special teams is the Eagles, and they're the superior offense but the inferior ST unit.

Think about it. The Packers have no ground game. The Saints have put two running backs on I.R. this week. The Bears lack a consistent offensive identity. The Seahawks are like the suck yang to the Falcons' yin, because they're balanced yet awful. This is the chief advantage of our Atlanta Falcons.

Of course, the team will have to display that balance. If they can huck it, stomp it, shut it down and Weems it, they're going to be impossible to stop. I know many don't believe the Falcons have what it takes to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, but the ability to do everything well will, in my opinion, represent their best chance.