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Tweets of the Game: ATL vs CAR

You'd be surprised how much we twittering Falcons fans love to complain, even when routing a division foe. Observe:


Wow, good catch by Jenkins! Dreman1731

Typical Jenkins; he makes the catches that he has NO BUSINESS making. LOL! Poppa_Falcon

QB Matt Ryan just set a franchise record for completions in a season with 337, surpassing Jeff George ('94). FalconsDLevak

Aaaaaand we're off and running. TD. Won't be the first time today. FalconsJAdams

Oh, Panthers. Your ineptitude amuses me. TheFalcoholic

Anybody grab a screen of the across-the-board Pro Bowl tags on the Falcons' skill position lineup? "Bawww Falcons get no respect..." Jason__Kirk

Damn, this fumble bug! Dreman1731

I feel like I've seen that particular part of this movie before. FalconsJAdams

Michael Turnover, am I right? Ha! I laugh because the pain is unbearable. TheFalcoholic

Weeeeeems!!!! Hell yes!! CBSpriggs

Just when I was about to tweet abt Biermann's play, Pro Bowler Special Weems runs it back for a TD!!! FemFalconFan

#Falcons better continue to play like they're DOWN by 10 pts! Do not LET UP!!!! Poppa_Falcon

I think John Abraham just killed Mike Goodson. Brian_L_Jones

#Falcons are up 14-0 after 1st Q and getting ready to go in for another TD. Total yds: #Falcons 151, #Panthers 1. JeffSchultzAJC

One quarter into it, and Ice has already hit 6 different receivers passing... Gotta love that... technomonk13

Falcons went for the jugular. They failed, but you gotta respect that. TheFalcoholic

Panthers trying to move the chains. LET'S GO DEFENSE!! FemFalconFan

White's 112th catch. Record for most in a season for the Falcons. AJCFalcons

The Falcons don't even respect the Panthers. They're playing this one Madden-style. TheFalcoholic

The defense stands up again...time for the offense to do their part.... technomonk13

The offense is a sputterin' folks.... technomonk13

Don't look now, but Clausen has completed over 50% of his passes. Apocalypse now isn't just a movie. TheFalcoholic

The USS Babineaux just shelled Jimmy Clausen. There were no survivors. TheFalcoholic

Roddy White is a master of prestidigtation. He'd have to be to make that catch. Wow. FalconsJAdams

TG showing why he is going into the hall of fame... technomonk13

now thats a catch APixels

TD by Roddy White is clarified, verified, and certified... technomonk13

Matt Ryan goes over 10,000 career passing yards... how many QBs have done that in under 3 seasons? FalconsJHicks

Wow. That was an embarassing display by our defense. Technomonk13


We played the #Panthers better on THE ROAD. Poppa_Falcon

Our O needs to wake the F up! We play like this in playoffs teams will make us pay!!! MagicFalcon

Dunta Robinson gets his first pick of the season. Tardy to the party, but still kicking ass. TheFalcoholic

Finally...finally...FINALLY.... Michael Turner hits the hole like its the new man on the cell block and scores!!! Technomonk13

looks like redman is warming up on the sidelines FalconsCreative

Did someone from the #Panthers kill somebody from [William] Moore's family? Cause he is out for blood in this game SteveNDFan

I'm beginning to think the Panthers might not score a touchdown if they were on the field by themselves. TheFalcoholic

#Falcons put Chris Redman in at quarterback. Matt Ryan show is over for the day. AJCFalcons

Rojohombre is in the game. Muy bien! TheFalcoholic

Ryan has done what Vick could never do. 3 winning seasons in a row & the 1st seed. Wombat9195

Clausen's best pass of the game was to Dunta. Bless his heart... FemFalconFan

Babineaux and Weatherspoon just dumped Gatorade on coach Mike Smith. AJCFalcons

Roddy White just Gatorade-dunked a billionaire. FemFalconFan

Falcons on top of the NFC as they should be! Come on down to A-town to get stomped!! MidwestATLFALC