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Game Recap: ATL vs CAR

Well, Dunta got his first pick. WEEEEEEMS! Uhh...what I just can't remember the other milestone we reached... OH YEAH NFC SOUTH CHAMPS. Ahem. Recap will be short and sweet this time.

The Good

  • NFC South Champs
  • The Saints lost
  • Defense looks menacing
  • Offense can click, even after throwing 40+ passes in the first half
  • Chris Rojohombre was in the game before the 4th quarter started
  • Roddy broke two records

The Bad

  • Turner still fumbling in red zone
  • Defense gave away easy garbage points. We need 60 minutes of domination in playoffs.
  • Offense sputtered too often to be considered playoff ready
  • Gartrell Johnson doesn't look like our future Norwood
The Ugly

The Panther offense. I mean, jeez. I know about all that "worst to first" jazz in the NFC South, but really, that team has more ugly than a hillbilly family reunion. It's going to take some fantastic choices/coaching/talent and maybe a little luck to get that team to .500 next year. Yet and still, they could pick Cam Newton. Problem solved? Hey, it worked for Auburn.