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Report: Falcons Eyeing Extension With General Manager Thomas Dimitroff

We knew this was coming, but I'm still thrilled to hear it.

The Falcons had already talked of locking up coach Mike Smith for the long-term, honoring him for standing at the helm of a team that's gone a stellar 33-15 over the last three seasons. Now Fox Sports is reporting that the team wants to sit down with Thomas Dimitroff, too.

It's dangerous to give too much credit to one man, but Dimitroff is unquestionably the architect of today's Falcons. He's allowed himself one major splash signing an off-season and has committed the rest of the team's resources to deep drafts and quality depth signings, and the result has been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL over the last three seasons. I have no doubt that stability at the top will help these Falcons rise to...well, the top.

I commend Falcons brass for not getting caught up in one nasty playoff loss and allowing it to cloud their judgment. For now and for years to come, the future of this team belongs in the hands of Dimitroff and Smith. Let's hope the Falcons get it done.